SAFIS will be holding a critical discussion



SAFIS will be holding a critical discussion

on Thursday 6th December 2013

Topic: “South Africa 20 years of International relations:

A just Foreign Policy is possible”


South Africa engagement with the rest of the world is centered on Pan-Africanism and South –South solidarity, it see it self as an important part on the African continent and sees its interests as being linked to the political stability, unity and success of other African countries.

South Africa is a versatile, multicultural and multiracial country that embraces the concept of Ubuntu as a way of defining its identity and how it relates to others. Ubuntu means ‘humanity’ and is reflected in the idea that it affirms its humanity when it affirms the humanity of others. It has played a major role in the forging of a South African national consciousness and in the process of its democratic transformation and nation-building.

Venue: Constitution Hill, 11 Kotze Street in Braamfontein, Johannesburg

Time: 09h00 am to16.00 pm

(Refreshments will be served)


The program will follow shortly with the names of speakers


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