SA Government Foreign Policy Monitor

Key Work Objectives Key activities Lead responsible Timeline
Key thematic work area 1. SA Government Foreign Policy Monitor
a) Analyse and critique the South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) White Paper on International Co-operation from a civil society perspective. b) To develop a mechanism to contribute, monitor and evaluate official participation in multi-lateral, bilateral and inter-governmental forums. To ensure that government foreign policy reflects the views of civil society • To ensure that there is meaningful engagement with all role players • To engage with DIRCO and other key state departments with the aim of ensuring participation and dialogue from civil society. - draft a paper on SAFIS’ understanding of the White Paper: policy position and critical discussion paper. – write an open letter on foreign policy issues and SAFIS understanding. – meet with DIRCO to present SAFIS and what we stand for, to ensure sustained dialogue. – Opinion pieces and editorials in the media on foreign and local policy issues. – media monitoring on policy issues, critiques and leading issues for solidarity in South SAFIS Foreign Policy Working Group to lead on this - Policy paper on foreign policy in April/ May 2013 – set up meeting with DIRCO in April and then plan strategic meetings throughout the year, or as the need arises. – OP EDs to be written throughout the year: aim for one a month – Media monitoring on-going throughout the year. – Host National conference in collaboration with other civil society groups   “South

Africa and elsewhere

- monitor key institutions and events throughout the year, impacting on foreign/ local policy issues; monitor, critique and influence (UN Security Council, AU Peace and Security Council, UN Human Rights Council and others).

- react through statements and other public communications on a needs/ immediacy basis, on key policy issues related to SAFIS mandate.

- demonstrate flexibility and be reactive; have selection of priority areas and focus for the year, but allow for this to react to unexpected events/ changes.

Africa 18 years of International relations: A just Foreign Policy is possible”