Priority Solidarity Support Campaign Work


Key thematic work area


3. Priority Solidarity Support Campaign Work


a) To discuss proposals and mechanisms for SAFIS to undertake action on key campaigns that build people to people solidarity.

To identify a set of key campaigns that SAFIS and its affiliates could provide support for

• To ensure that SAFIS does not duplicate

- establish a priorities and a list of issues and engagements deemed critical to support: SAFIS priorities, not just various



Solidarity Actions and Campaigns working group


- these will emerge throughout the course of the year: as issues arise and as partners put them



b) Take action on key, critical issues.

c) Build the SAFIS brand and presence, as a leading player in solidarity struggles and foreign policy matters.

efforts but complements work already being done

• To identify needs and areas of work that are not being undertaken but need to be done in support of people to people solidarity

• To ensure practical action is taken and attention is drawn, on leading issues throughout the year.

• To ensure that all groups have a voice, and minority issues are drawn into discussion; people to people solidarity for all.

• All activities and actions must feed into each other, and complement the overall objective of why this group came together: in support of solidarity.

• SAFIS will remain flexible and responsive to changes in any calendar year – being responsive to events as they happen and reflecting these events or changes in SAFIS’ work and actions.

priorities from organisations involved.

– assist and support affiliate led activities and campaigns (to lend support from SAFIS)

– lead on campaigns connected to international/ national solidarity and foreign policy concerns.

– have a menu of options for actions to be taken by SAFIS: including marches, protests, OP EDs, press conferences, online activism, engagement events and others.

– Organic selection of campaigns to partake in, according to working group consensus.

– prioritise low cost, high impact work: focus on what can be done to make the most impact.

– engagement events to feature as campaign work too: engage around issues, create actions from it, and build networks of solidarity as a result.