Information exchange platform


Key thematic work area


2. Information exchange platform


a) To design and implement a series of high level engagement events that focus on key contemporary topics and contribute to policy dialogue and action on international solidarity.

b) To engage with constituents towards developing a series of SAFIS-supported

• To create a forum for learning, sharing and engaging on key policy issues affecting civil society and solidarity issues, within South Africa, the region, the continent, and globally.

To discuss, identify and build

- Hold a series of 6 engagement events throughout the year, on leading relevant issues. These will be SAFIS lead initiatives.

– Use the engagement events to hold critical discussions on issues affecting international/ national solidarity and



Research and Information Exchange working group


- 6 events to be planned throughout the year: one every two months. Partners to provide venues and help with logistics.

– Support to partner led events, that will take place




events as part of a collective project.

c) To be a resource for civil society actors on issues of international solidarity and foreign policy.

d) Events to create a new space for dialogue and critiques on foreign policy issues and international/ national solidarity- a new space for new voices to be heard.

e) Through exchange of information, focus on mobilising for support to our affiliates and focus on building solidarity with likeminded organisations/ individuals.

f) To establish SAFIS as a critical source of information and insight into events/ actions affecting civil society and foreign policy.


Through SAFIS partners and supporters to develop and distribute information on alternatives to current socio-economic practices.

consensus on key solidarity initiatives that SAFIS could build on

• To build SAFIS’ profile as a leading agent for initiating civil society led debates, critical discussions and analysis.

• To use the SAFIS network to build support for affiliate hosted discussions.

• SAFIS to provide a fresh perspective, interesting insight, discussion and critique of leading issues affecting civil society.

civil society; bring together high level key players in civil society on major issues.

– Discussion papers to be written as outcomes of events.

– Support affiliate initiated events and talks.

– create research papers and policy position papers on key areas and issues affecting international/ national solidarity and civil society.

– Engagement sessions and events must aim to expand the SAFIS network and from these, new actions can be established.

– Concrete action plans for implementation must come as a result of these engagement events.



SAFIS affiliates


throughout the year.

– research papers and policy discussion papers to be drafted at strategic times throughout the year

– outcome documents to come out post events