Building Networks and Partnerships

Key thematic work area 4. Building Networks and Partnerships
a) To identify key reputable organisations and networks at national, regional, continental and global levels that have similar objectives to SAFIS  • To work with like-minded organisations to learn, share ideas and to build new relationships, networks and partnerships in order to increase the effectiveness of CSO international solidarity actions•To engage with key solidarity networks across the continent, in the southern hemisphere and globally to explore means and ways of building co-operation and joint action

• Strengthen contributions to peace, human rights, social development, economic and environmental justice of civil society organisations beyond South Africa.

- grow the network to include any other likeminded organisations and individuals interested in issues of solidarity- all members and affiliates of the network are to act as its ambassadors and network on its behalf; make use of all networking opportunities that all members attend separately to spread the word about SAFIS and its work and engage likeminded people.- each member of the network is responsible for its growth, maintaining its actions and core focus, and for bringing issues/ campaigns/ concerns/ partners to the attention of the network, thus helping it to remain responsive, flexible and pertinent to the changing context the network exists in.



All members of the SAFIS network are ambassadors  - growing the network and building partnerships is an ongoing process- make use of the engagement events planned to reach out to new players and to grow the network’s presence and partnerships.