Developing SAFIS


Key thematic work area 5. Developing SAFIS
a) Develop a long term view of SAFIS and how it could evolve in an organic way.b) Outline how SAFIS aims to sustain itself and establish a long term development strategy.


• Review the draft declaration and highlight the key operative words that must influence and define the nature and characteristics of SAFIS in the short, medium and long term.• To develop a SAFIS programme that is not resource hungry - Establish ways of working and processes that all members of the network can easily follow, maintain and support.- Employ a part time coordinator who will function as the lead focal point for coordinating the network, and convening activities.


The Steering group to establish ways of working as the network develops- Lead coordinator to establish processes and systems in concert with the ways of working.


- Develop consensus based ways of working and processes as SAFIS develops.- Appoint convenor by the mid April