South Africa Forum for International Solidarity (SAFIS) in collaboration with the Congolese Civil Society organizations in South Africa will be hosting a Reaching Consensus Dialogue Seminar under the theme “Understanding the Politics/Economics, Human Rights and Possibilities of Reconciliation in the DRC, Developing Intervention Strategies for the Solidarity Movement” on the 26th of September 2013 at Cosatu house, Braamfontein, 9am- 1pm.

SAFIS is a broad based platform bringing together activist individuals and organizations around the common goal of supporting, through solidarity actions, struggles being waged for human rights and justice across the African Continent and the world.

Despite existing local expertise and strategies in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to build regional solidarity, peace-supporting structures at the community level, provincial level, national level, official debates, dialogues, peace talks and media coverage continue to focus predominantly on military interventions. The new Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework (PSCF) agreement for DRC, an accord signed by 11 African heads of state in Addis Ababa in February 2013, has no mention of local civil society and it was not prepared with any involvement of those local actors. This means for peace building and regional solidarity that the relevant actors need to be on panel such as the Congolese government, the Rwandan government, the Ugandan government, South Sudan government, the Angolan government, the South African government, customary chiefs and influential business community, various armed groups of the East and the ordinary Congolese civil societies both at home and abroad.

The objectives of reaching consensus dialogue seminar are to:


  • To provide clear, credible information and public diplomacy to the people of the South Africa and the region on the crisis in the Eastern DRC;
  • Build better cohesion and trust between Congolese Diaspora in South Africa, taking into consideration the  cultural diversity and the Congolese dynamic in order to contribute to a positive change in the Great lake Region;
  • Develop visible strategies for intervention by the solidarity movement in collaboration with Congolese organizations in South Africa and beyond and
  • To support and sensitize the importance of consensus dialogue between government and other stakeholders in the conflict for lasting solution in the Eastern DRC.

Details of the reaching consensus dialogue on the Eastern DR Congo:


Venue:  COSATU House, Braamfontein

Date:     26th September 2013

Time:     09h00 – 13h00

Issued in Johannesburg on behalf of SAFIS on 25th of September 2013.

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